Wednesday, December 1, 2010


we should really just stop apologizing.

sorry for this. sorry for that. sorry for the fact that our mayor's fat. fuck it.

i'm not sorry. i'm not sorry that we're living most of our dreams, and our dreams are hard-won, hard-fought, and tempered with the only thing hot and hard enough to shape stubbornness into something sharp and useful: love.

i've always had love on my side. i used to use it to dissolve resolve and melt my way past some beautiful defenses. blue eyes, a heart as big as a wide hand fist, and enough time to break it all down. and now here it is, holding everything together, threads popping like heart strings under strain, one more heart on this house of cards. at least we've got stubbornness in spades.

upgrade expectations, surrender prejudice. expect more. when i say jump, let's jump. it doesn't matter how high because we're just going to fall at the same 9.81 m/ss as everyone else, rich or poor, and get there at the same time, cannon ball or feather. i want to sink, you want to fly, and between the two of us, we'll stay grounded.